ALL FAMILY & FRIENDS WELCOME (please wear your black kodenkan t-shirts) 


Please e-mail any pictures of past events for website postings

Students who need new keikogi, t-shirts, jackets, gloves or weapon packs....please contact your instructor ASAP as it takes a few weeks to come in.  Prices are on the dues page of the website.

REMINDER: If you cannot make it to your scheduled class,  or are going to be late, Please let your instructor know. Email, text and/or phone messages are acceptable.  

Parents please DO NOT call for your children if they cannot make their classes.  All calls and payments should be done by students themselves regardless of age.  It is the responsibility of ALL students to practice their "Courtesy".  "Courtesy"  cultivates "Appreciation".  

REMEMBER: To motivate yourself to "Practice" a discipline.  To motivate yourself to "Practice Perfectly" an art.